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Research Organisations


Australian Geology Departments - All Australian Geology Departments
European Geology Departments - All European Countries
USA and Canada - Complete List, V.J. Ansfield , University of South Dakota

Research Organisations

By Country

By Country

AMIRA - Australian Mineral Industries Research Association
ANU Research School of Earth Sciences - Australia
Centre for Exploration Targeting - UWA, Australia
CODES - Centre for Ore Deposit Research, University of Tasmania, Australia
COSSA - CSIRO Office of Space Science, Remote Sensing Research, Australia
CSIRO Exploration and Mining - Australia
CSIRO Minerals - Australia
CSIRO Petroleum - Development of Petroleum Products and Exploration Methods, Australia
GEMOC - Geochemical Evolution and the Metallogeny of Continents, Macquarie University, Australia
National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics - South Australia


Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences - Brussels, Belgium
Univesite de Liege - Belgium

Instituto de Geociencias - University of Brazil

Consortium for the Development of Specialized Seismic Techniques - University of British Columbia, Canada
Isotopic And Geochemical Research Lab - University of British Columbia, Canada
Geophysical Inversion Laboratory - University of British Columbia, Canada
Lithoprobe - Crustal Mapping Project, University of British Columbia, Canada
Mineral Deposit Research Unit - University of British Columbia
Natural Resources Canada - Research into Natural Resources, Canada
NORCAT - Northern Center for Advanced Technology, Sudbury, Ontario, Underground Mining Research, Canada
Royal Tyrell Museum - Famous Museum of Paleontology Near Calgary, Canada

Chinese Academy of Science - National Scientific Research Institute
China Geological Survey
China University of Geosciences - Beijing, China

Czech Republic
Geological Institute - Czech Republic
Geophysical Institute - Czech Republic

Danish Polar Center - Polar Research Center
Geology Museum

BRGM - France Geoscientific Research Organisation
Ecole des Mines de Paris - Earth and Environmental Science, France
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines De Saint-Etienne - France

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research - Geosciences Division, Germany
Bundesanstalt fu"r Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR) - Germany
Geological-Paleontological Institute and Museum of the WWU-Muenster (GPI) - Germany
GEOMAR Research Centre for Marine Geoscience - Germany
GFZ - Potsdam, Germany, Research into Global Geoscientific Issues
ICDP Information Network - International Continental Scientific Drilling Project
Institute of Geology and Dynamics of the Lithosphere (IGDL), Göttingen - Germany
Institute of Geology and Palaeontology University of Stuttgart (IGPS) - Germany
Institute of Mineralogy - University of Wuerzburg, Germany
Max Planck Institute of Coal Research - Germany

Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute of the HAS
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Nordic Volcanological Institute - Iceland

India Bureau of Mines - Research and Scientific Organisation
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology - India

Italian Research Institutes - List of Research Institutes, Italy
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Istituto di Scienze della Terra
Museo di Storia Naturale - Sezione di Mineralogia - Università di Firenze

Earth and Planetary Science - University of Tokyo, Japan
Earth Simulator - Research into the Solid Earth Using the World's Fastest Super Computer
Earthquake Research Institute - University of Tokyo, Tokyo
Geological Survey of Japan
Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology
NIRE - National Institute for Resources and Environment, Japan
Ocean Research Institute - Ocean Floor Geotectonics Division, Japan
Research Centre for Seismology & Volcanology, School of Science - Nagoya University, Nagoya

Korea Institue of Geology.- Research into Exploration, Mining and Utilization Technology, Korea

International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation(ITC) - Netherlands

New Zealand
New Zealand Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (IGNS) - New Zealand
Research School of Earth Sciences - Antarctic and Earth Science Research, Victoria University, New Zealand

Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

Panstowowy Instytut Geologiczny - Poland

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus - Official Web Site

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Research Institute of King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals - Saudi Arabia

Institute for Geology, Geotechnics and Geophysics - Geological Survey of Slovenia

South Africa
CSIR Mining Division - South Africa
MinTek - Mining and Minerals Industry Research, South Africa


United Kingdom
Birkbeck Research School of Geological and Geophysical Sciences - University College, London
British Antarctic Survey - UK
Camborne School of Mines - UK
Centre for Environmental Magnetism and Palaeomagnetism - Lancaster University
University of Cambridge - UK
Centre for Earth and Environmental Research - Kingston University, UK
National Environment Research Council - Supports Research into Earth Science and Technology
Oxford University - UK
Royal Holloway - University of London
Southampton Oceanography Centre - UK

Ames Lab - Coal Research, USA
Berkeley National Laboratory - California, USA
Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas, USA
California Academy of Science - Wide Range of Scientific Research
College of Mines and Earth Sciences - University of Utah, USA
Colorado School of Mines - USA
Energy and Geosciences Institute - University of Utah Research Institute for Petroleum Geology and Geothermal Energy
Florida Institute of Phosphate Research - USA
Geophysics Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - NOAA
ICDD - International Center for Diffraction Data, Crystallography Research, USA
Institute of Geophysics - University of Texas, Austin, USA
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Earth and Environmental Sciences Research, California
Los Alamos National Laboratory - Earth and Environmental Sciences Division
Lunar and Planetary Geology Institute - Research into Planetary Geology
McCrone Research - Microscopy Research, USA
MacKay School of Mines - University of Nevada, USA
Meteorites From Antarctica - A Research Program for Collecting and Distributing Antarctic Meteorites
Museum of Paleontology University of California - USA
NASA EOS - Volcano Research Using Remote Sensing, USA
NASA Geodynamics Branch - Studying the Geology of the Earth from Space
NASA Mission to Planet Earth - Earth Systems Research, USA
NOAA- Oceanic, Environment and Atmospheric Research, USA
NOAA - Marine Geology and Geophysics Data Center, USA
Ocean Drilling Program - Research into the History of the Ocean Basin and the Crust Beneath the Ocean Floor, USA
Paleontological Research Institute - Paleontological Museum and Research Institute, USA
Sandia National Laboratories - Wide Range of Technological Research, USA
Scripps Institute of Oceanography - University of California, San Diego, USA
Seismological Laboratory - California Institute of Technology
Smithsonian Institute - Research into Earth and Planetary Sciences
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - USA
The Advanced Light Source, Berkeley Lab - Berkeley Synchrotron Radiation Facility
USGS Geology - USA
USGS Imaging Spectroscopy Lab - USGS Imaging Spectroscopy Lab for Geological Mapping, USA
Verterbrate Paleontology Laboratory - University of Texas, USA
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - Advancing Our Understanding of the Oceans, USA

ICDP Information Network - International Continental Scientific Drilling Project
ICDD - International Center for Diffraction Data, Crystallography Research, USA
International Lithosphere Program - Seeks to elucidate the nature, dynamics, origin and evolution of the lithosphere
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - Advancing Our Understanding of the Oceans