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Astronomy, Planetary Geology and Space Science Links

Aerolite - Meteorites For Sale
Anglo-Australian Observatory - Guide to One of the Best Telescopes in the Southern Skies
Arizona Skies Meteorites - Meteorites For Sale
Astronomical Society of Victoria - A Club for Amateur Astronomers in Victoria
Astronomy Blog from Geologynet - Images, Publications, Eclipse etc
Astronomy Expert-  Improve Your Knowledge of Astronomy
Astroweb - Astronomy Resources
Mars Beagle 2 - Official Mars Beagle 2 Website of the European Space Agency
British National Space Centre - Space Centre for the UK
Canberra Deep Space Center - Joint Australian/BA/NASA Tracking Station for Space Craft
European Space Agency - Missions, Services and Products of The European Space Agency
Fixing Common Telescope Problems - Some Problems Encountered When Using Amateur Telescopes
France Space Centre - France Space Program
Identification and Interpretation of Impact Products - American Geophysical Union
International Continental Drilling Project - Scientific Deep Drilling Project
Hubble Space Telescope (HST) - Space Telescope Science Institute Official Page
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Robotic Exploration of Space and Rocket Science, USA
Kids Astronomy - Astronomy for Kids
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory - At Colombia University
Lunar and Planetary Geology Institute - Research into Planetary Geology
Mars Meteorites - All the Information About Meteorites from Mars
Meteorites - The Meteorite Exchange.  Meteorites For Sale and Trade, Companies, Science and Links
Meteorites From Antarctica (ANSMET) - A Research Program for Collecting and Distributing Antarctic Meteorites
Moon Phases - Moon Phase Information
NASA - NASA's Frontpage
NASA Cassini-Huygens Saturn Mission - Official Website of NASA/ESA Saturn Mission
NASA Mission to Planet Earth -  All About Projects and Data Sources for NASA's Earth Science Missions
NASA International Space Station and Space Shuttle - NASA Human Space Flight Site
NASA Mars Exploration Web Site - Official Mars Exploration Web Site
NASA Mars Global Surveyor- Mars Global Surveyor Site
NASA Mars Pathfinder - Results of the Mars Pathfinder Mission
NASA Mars Spirit and Opportunity Rovers - Official Mars Spirit Rover WebSite
Mars Rovers Science Site - The Latest Science Results From the Mars Rovers
NASA Moon Site - Lunar Prospector Moon Site
NASA Multimedia Gallery - Space and Planetary Images, Videos etc.
NASA Planetary Science Research - Educational Site with Results of Research in Planetary Science
National Space Science Data Center -  NASA
Near Earth Object Program
- NASA Monitoring Asteroids, Meteors and Comets Near Earth
NIX - NASA Image Exchange - Database of NASA Images
Ocean Drilling Program - The Official Homepage
Open Universe - Excellent Solar System and Space Simulator. Stand Alone Version of the Solar System Simulator.
Polar Alignment - Polar Alignment by Celestron
Royal Observatory Greenwich - UK
Satellite Visibility - Interactive Guide for Tracking the Position of Visible Satellites From Anywhere in the World
SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. Lots of Space Science Information.
SETI@Home - Participate in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Program by Analyzing Data on Your PC at Home or Office
Smithsonian Institute - Research into Earth and Planetary Sciences
Solar System Simulator - Images of the Solar System, JPL
Swinburne University Online Astronomy - Online Astronomy Courses and Virtual Reality Tours of the Universe
Telescope Basics - By Celestron International
Telescope Reviews - Telescope and Equipment Reviews
Telescope Reviews -  Telescope Reviews
Telescopes - Telescope Observatories and Space Exploration Instruments Around the World
Terrestrial Impact Structures - Worldwide Database of Meteor Craters, Wiki
The Nine Planets - Multimedia Guide to the Planets and Moons in Our Solar System
The Nine Planets - For Kids - Multimedia Guide to the Planets and Moons in Our Solar System
UCL Planetary Web - Planetary Geology Research
Voyager Space Craft - Voyager Official Website, NASA
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - Furthering Our Knowledge of the Oceans and the Crust Beneath


Adirondack Video Astronomy - CCD Cameras for Telescopes
Andrews Communications  -  Telescopes and Accessories
Argo - Telescope Computer
Astromart - Astronomy Classifieds
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Now Magazine
Astronomy-Mall - Astronomy Classifieds
Astronomy Online- Telescopes and Accessories, UK
Atik - CCD Cameras
Baader Planetarium - Filters
Binocular and Telescope Shop - Australian Site for Telescopes, Accessories and Telescope Making Equipment
Celestron Telescopes - Manufacturer
Company Seven - Telescopes and Accessories.
Discovery Telescopes - Manufacturer
Hands On Optics - Telescopes and Accessories
Jims Mobile - Manufacturer, Telescopes and Accessories
Kendrick Astro Instruments - Telescopes and Accessories
KW Telescopes - Telescopes and Accessories
Lumicon - Filters and Accessories
Meade Telescopes - Manufacturer
Murnaghan Instruments - Manufacturer, Telescopes and Accessories
Newport Glass Works - Mirror Grinding Kits and Blanks, Telescope Accessories
Nova Optical - Telescope Mirrors
Orion Telescopes - Manufacturer, Telescopes, Accessories and Amateur Telescope Making Products
Ozscopes - OZScopes Telescopes & Binoculars Store
Quasar Publishing - The Australian Astrononmy Yearbook and Sky Charts
Parks Optical - Telescopes and Accessories
Perseu - Telescopes and Accessories, Portugal
SAC Imaging - CCD Cameras
Santa Barbara Instruments Group - CCD Cameras
Scope City - Telescopes and Accessories
Scopestuff  -  Telescope Accessories
Scopetronix - Telescopes and Accessories
Sky News - Astronomy Magazine
Sky and Space - Astronomy Magazine
Sky and Telescope - Astronomy Magazine
Starlight Xpress - CCD Digital Cameras for Telescopes - Telescopes and Accessories
Telescopes and Astronomy - Telescopes and Accessories, Australia
Telescope Warehouse  - Telescopes Accessories
Thousand Oaks - Solar Filters
University Optics - Telescope Accessories


Cloudynights - Astronomy Forum
IceinSpace - Astronomy Forum


Astrophotography for the Amateur - Michael Covington
Astrostack - Image Stacking Software
Astrovideo - CCD Camera Control Software
Cartes du Ciele - Planetarium Software with Telescope Control
CCDWare - Image Processing Software
Deep Sky Stacker - Deep Sky Image Processing Software
EQMOD  -  Telescope Control Software
Home Planet - Planetarium Software
ImageJ - Image Processing Software
Images Plus - Image Processing Software
Iris - Image Processing Software and CCD Imaging Website
K3CCD Tools - CCD Control Software and Image Processing
- Image Processing Software
Open Universe - Space Simulator
PHD Guiding  -  Astrophotography Guiding and Imaging Software
Registax - Image Stacking Software
SEDS Astronomy Software Links - Astronomy Software
Shareware/Freeware Software - Astronomy Software
SkyAtlas Pro - Planetarium Software with Telescope Control
SkyMap Pro - Planetarium Software with Telescope Control
Starry Night - Planetarium Software with Telescope Control in Advanced Version.
Stellarium - Night Sky Simulator
The Sky - Planetarium Software with Telescope Control
wxAstroCapture - Webcam  Image Capture Software                       

Amateur Telescope Making

Argo - Telescope Computer
Astrodome - Observatory Domes
COAA - Astronomy Software
Mel Bartels - Telescop Making and Computer Operated Telescopes
QCUIAG - Astrophotography Using Webcams
Richard Berry - CCD Cookbook Camera
Sirius Observatories - Observatory Domes
The ATM Site - Amateur Telescope Making Resources
Universal Webcam Adaptor
US Digital - Optical Encoders