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Remote Sensing Links

Landsat and Spot Data by Country
Other Data and Information, Including Mapping

Landsat Data by Country

ACRES - Australian Remote Sensing Data
National Institute for Space Research - Remote Sensing Data, Brazil
British National Space Centre - Remote Sensing Data for the UK
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing - Remote Sensing Data for Canada
RSGS - China Remote Sensing Data
CSRSR - China(Taipei) Remote Sensing Data
ESRIN - European Remote Sensing Data
Novosat - Finland Remote Sensing Data
ISRO - Indian Remote Sensing Data
DFD - German Remote Sensing Data
NASDA - Japanese Remote Sensing Data
CRISP - Singapore Remote Sensing Data
Satellus - Sweden Remote Sensing Data
Teledet - Uruguay Remote Sensing Data
Earth Observing System WWW Server - Current Landsat Status US NASA Site and Landsat Data.
EROS Data Center - Satellite Imagery for US
SPOT IMAGES - Spot Satellite Imagery, Worldwide

Other Data and Information, Including Mapping

Aster Images - Processed and Custom Aster Images
Analytical Spectral Devices - Field Portable Spectroradiometers
- JPL Hyperspectral Imager
California Geographic Survey - Electronic Map Library
Canada Natural Resources - Natural Resources Canada, Data for Canada
Cornell University's Geoscience Information System - Worldwide Online Maps for Geology and Geophysics
CSIRO Remote Sensing Centre - CSIRO Operated Image Processing and Interpretation Centre
Digital Geological Mapping - Digital Geological Mapping Technologies by the USGS 2000 Symposium on Digital Mapping Techniques
Digital Tectonic Activity Map - Global Map Showing Current Tectonic Activity, NASA
Digital Terrain Modelling and Mapping - Introduction to DEM's
EDCDAAC - Data Distribution Center for AVHRR, GOTOPO30, Aster, Terra, Global Land Cover Characterisation and SIR-C Data
EOS Volcanoes- Remote Sensing for Studying Volcanoes
ESRI World Thematic Data Online - Create Downloadable Maps of Anywhere in the World
France Space Centre - Spot and Other Earth Observation Satellites
Geomorphology From Space - Extensive Site with Mapping of Major Geological Features from Space, NASA
Geodetic Datum's - Introduction to Datum's - Landsat Data and Services
GA Mapping - Geoscience Australia Mapping
GIS Data Depot - Online Maps, Detailed for USA and Lower Resolution for Other Countries - Mineral Exploration Papers - Geomorphology Papers
The GLOBE Project - Global DEM Data at 1km Resolution, NOAA
Imaging Spectroscopy - USGS Imaging Spectroscopy Lab for Geological Mapping
Introduction to the Global Positioning System  - Peter H. Dana, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder
Introduction to Remote Sensing - David Schneider at MTU
Introduction to Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography
Landsat - Landsat Web Site
Mapping Software - Freeware and Shareware Mapping Software
MDA Corporation - Worldwide Remote Sensing Data
NASA Gallery - Central Location for NASA's Space and Planetary Images Plus Image Resources
NearMap - Photomap GIS
NGDC Geological Databases - National Geophysical Data Center Geological Databases, Mostly Geochemical, Lithological, Mineralogical and Paleontological Data of Ocean Floor Rocks.
Orthocoverage - Aster Geospatial Datasets
SRTM Global Dem Project - NASA Global DEM Project at 30m and 90m Resolution
Standard for Geological Map Symbols - USGS OF95-526
Remote Sensing Core Curriculum <- UMBC OnlineCourse
The Remote Sensing Tutorial - NASA Introduction to Remote Sensing
A Tapestry of Time - USGS Detailed Digital Map of the USA
Terra Server - Large Collection of General Satellite Images, mostly USA
USGS GeoData - DEM and DLG Data for USA
USGS Geological Mapping Symbols OF99-430 - USGS Open File Report 99-430. A Complete description of all USGS Geological Map Symbols including cartographic specifications. Freeware. Newer version of OF95-526.
USGS National Geological Map Database - Online Geological Maps of the USA