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Crain's Petrophysical Handbook - Petrophysical Well Log Analysis
Crustal Magnetic Anomalies  - Review Paper
GPS - Introduction to the Global Positioning System
Geodetic Datum's - Introduction to Datum's
Geophysics on the Internet - Geophysics Resources
How to Build a Scintilation Probe - General Instructions
Seismological Laboratory - California Institute of Technology
US Geophysical Data Center - Geophysical and Environmental Data Products
World Data Center for Seismology - Earthquake Information Center by the USGS
World-Wide Earthquake Locator - University of Edinburgh

Geophysical Instruments/Services

ABEM Instruments - Geophysical Instruments, Resistivity and Seismic, Sweden
Advanced Geosciences Inc. - Resistivity Equipment
ASU Thermal Emission Spectrometer - Spectra Library and TES Instrument
Auslog - Geophysical  Well Logs, Australia   
Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH - Mining and Petroleum Services
Corelab Intstruments - Core Testing Equipment, USA
Electromagnetic Instruments Inc - Electromagnetic Mapping Instruments, USA
Gamma Spectacular - Sound Card Driver for Scintillation Probes
GemSystems - Proton Magnetometers, Canada
Geometrics - Seismographs and Proton Magnetometers for Geological Mapping, USA
Geonics - Electromagnetics, Canada
GeoRadar - Ground Penetrating Radar, USA
Geotron - Geophysical Instruments, South Africa
GisCo - Geophysical Instruments including Magnetometers, Electromagnetics and Seismographs, USA
Halliburton - Petroleum and Energy Products/Services
Ludlum Measurements Inc. - Radiation Detection Instruments and Technologies
Mala Geoscience - Geophysical Instruments, Ground Penetration Radar, Bore Hole Logging, Sweden
Schlumberger - Oilfield Products and Services
Scionix - Radiation Detection Instruments
Seismometers - School Seismometers, IRIS Seismographs in Schools
Siemens - Mining and Petroleum Services
UltraMag - Magnetometers, NSW
US Radar GPR – Manufacturer and distributor of ground penetrating radar
Veritas - Geophysical Services
Vinci Technologies - Laboratory and Field Instruments for the Petroleum Industry, France
WesternGeco - Seismic Surveying/Processing


Codan - Radio Equipment,  HF and UHF Radios for Remote Areas
Garmin - GPS Equipment, USA
GME Electrophone - Communications Equipment, Australia
Icom - Comunications Equipment, Australia
Minecom - Underground Communications Systems, Australia
Simrex Corporation - Underground Communications Systems
Uniden - Communications Equipment, USA