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Environmental Geology/Science

National Environment Research Council - Supports Research into Earth Science and Technology, UK
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
- US National Agency for Environmental Information and Research
USGS Natural Hazards - Natural Hazards Information
The Earth Institute Climate Change - Columbia University - ES Education & Career Resource

General Geology

Ask an Earth Scientist - University of Hawaii
Ask-A-Geologist - Your Questions Answered by a Geologist, USGS
Dictionary of Mining, Mineral and Related Terms - Infomine
Earth - All About the Earth's Geology.  Includes Other Planets also. Nine Planets
Geological Map of the World - CGM, Commission for the Geological Map of the World
Geologic Time - Introduction by The USGS
Geological Time Scale - Short Explanation and Diagram
The Inside of the Earth - Introduction to the Earth's Structure and Composition by the USGS
Introduction to the Earth - Physical Geology from U of Houston
Introduction to Rocks and Minerals - A Classic Introductory Text to Rocks and Minerals
Introduction to Petrology - Introduction to Petrology and Rocks
Macrostrat - Generalized Geological Map of the World
Mineral Identification Key II - Mineral Identification Tables by MinSocAm
Rock and Mineral Identify Tools - Imperial College, London
Sand Atlas - Rocks, Minerals and Field Geology
Time and Geology

Links to More Information - Geology Information

Geoarchaeology and Archaeological Geology


Atoms, Elements - U of Colorado
Fluid Inclusions - Fluid Inclusion Resources and Information
Fundamental Physical Constants and Atmospheric Composition
GERM - The Geochemical Earth Reference Model
GeoRoc - Geochem Database of Ocean Floor and Continental Rocks
GeoKem - Geochemistry of Igneous Rocks by Bernie Gunn
GeoTrack International - Fission Track Analysis
Isotopes - Using Isotopes to Date and Understand Earth Processes, Berkeley Laboratory.
NGDC Geological Databases - National Geophysical Data Center Geological Databases, Mostly Geochemical, Lithological, Mineralogical and Paleontological Data of Ocean Floor Rocks.
NIST Spectra Database - Atomic and Molecular Spectra Databases
Noble Metal Database - PGE Concentrations in Meteorites, Os-Isotope Database
Periodic Table on the Web
PetDB - Geochem Database of Ocean Floor Rocks
Practical Aspects of Mineral Geothermobarometry - Introduction to Mineral Geothermobarometry
Virtual Dating - Introduction to Radiocarbon and Radiometric Age Determination

Links to More Information
Geochemistry Web Links - Cornell University

Igneous Petrology

Alaska Volcano Observatory - Alaskan Volcanoes
Emplacement and Origin of Granite
Geokem - Geochemistry Database of Igneous Rocks
Igneous Rocks - Guide to their Identification
Mantle Plumes -  Hot Spots, Tectonics and Mantle Plumes
Myrmekite amd Metasomatic Granite - Detailed Analysis of These Rocktypes
Online Rock and Geochemistry Databases -
Petrography Page - Almost 200 Photomicrographs of Rocks and Minerals
Polarizing Microscopes - About Polarizing Microscopes
Pyroclastic Deposits - Text About Pyroclastics
Rob's Granite Page - All About Granites
Textures of Igneous Rocks - Pitt University
Thin Section Atlas - Rocks and Minerals, School of Oceanography, Southhampton
Thin Sections Tutorial - About Petrographic Microscopes and Thin Sections
Volcanism and Volcanoes - U of Colorado
Volcanoes - Text on Volcanoes
Volcano Information Center - Lots of Reference Material on Volcanoes from the U. of California, Santa Barbara
Volcano Live - Volcano News and Information
World Volcano Center  - Current Activity

Mathematical Geology

Computer Contouring - Description of Implemention of Contouring/Gridding Algorithm in Surface III
Geosciences, Mathematics and Computing - ANON Web Site
International Association for Mathematical Geology - Mathematic Tools for Science and Engineering

Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

Graphite Page - All About Graphite
Metamorphism & Metamorphic Rocks - U of Colorado
Metamorphic Petrology Links - Oxford University
Metamorphic Rocks - Introduction, James Madison University


American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database - Database
Aster Spectral Library
- Thermal Emission Spectral Library of > 2000 Minerals
Athena Mineralogy - List of Mineral Names, Mineralogy
Atlas of Rocks, Minerals and Textures - Thin Section Photographs of Rocks and Minerals
Handbook of Mineralogy - Mineral Database, Mineralogical Society of America
International Mineralogical Association, Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Nomenclature
International Union of Crystallography - Crystallography World Wide and Sincris
Introduction to Minerals - U of Colorado
Introduction to Rocks and Minerals - A Classic Introductory Text to Rocks and Minerals
MinCryst - Crystallographic Database for Minerals Using Calculated X-ray Patterns - Mineralogy Database
Mineral Identification Key II - Mineral Identification Tables by MinSocAm
Minerals - Thin Section Photographs
Mineral Spectroscopy Server - Mineral Spectroscopy Data
Mineral Structure Data - University of Colorado
Minerals Under the Microscope - Optical Mineralogy
Online Geology Databases - Mineral and Rock Reference Databases
Optical Mineralogy - Introduction
Petrographic Concepts - Descriptive Terminology and Theory
Spectra Online - Spectra Databases, Thermo Fisher
Spectrum Petrographics - Section Preparation and Petrographic Services, USA
Thermal Emission Spectroscopy Library - ASU Spectral Library of > 150 Rock Forming Minerals
University of Arizona Raman Spectroscopy Database (RRUFF Project)
USGS Spectroscopy Lab - Mineral Spectroscopy Data

Links for Mineralogists - Reviewed Links

Mineral and Gem Collecting

Bob's Rock Shop - Mineral Collecting and Mineralogy - Australian and New Zealand Minerals
Fluorescent Mineral Society - Images and Information on Fluorescent Minerals
Gemology and Lapidary Pages - Gemology
Gemology Online - Guide to Gemology
Gemology Project - Gemology, Wki
Gemstone Calculators - Various Calculators Online to Calculate Carats, SG and Precious Metal Weight
International Colored Gemstone Association - Lots of Information about Gemstones


Burgess Shale - Information About This Famous Fossil Locality
Canadian Fossil Discovery  - Museum and Research Center with the Largest Collection of Marine Fossils in Canada
The Diatom Home Page
DINOBASE - Online Dinosaur Database, University of Bristol
Dinosaur Provincial Park - Alberta
Ediacara - Study of Ediacara
Foraminifera - Short Description
Fossil Algae - Fossil Algae
Fossil Preparation and Conservation - University of Florida
Impact Craters and Mass Extinctions
Index Fossils - Index Fossil Chart by The USGS
NOAA Modern and Fossil Pollen Data - Database of Pollen Data
Paleontological Research Institute - Research Institute and Museum - Palaeontology Information
Plant Fossil Record - Database of Fossil Plants, International Organisation of Paleobotany
Plesiosaurs - A Site Dedicated to the Study of Plesiosaurs
Preserving Fossils - University of Nebaraska State Museum
Riversleigh Fossil Centre - Information About Riversleigh, Queensland, A World Heritage Fossil Locality
Royal Tyrell Museum - Famous Museum of Paleontology Near Calgary, Canada
Trilobites - All About Trilobites
U of California Museum of Paleontology - Paleontology Online
U of California Museum of Paleontology Collections - Online Databases of Fossils


Bedform Sedimentology - Images and Examples of Various Bedforms
Black Shales - The Black Shale Net. Information Resource for Organic Rich Black Shales
Coal Information - University of Kentucky
Etymology of Geologic Time Units - Nomenclature etc.
Geologic Time - Introduction by The USGS
Jurassic Reef Park - Introduction to Ancient Reefs
Luminescence Dating Laboratory. - University of Wales
Petrographic Atlas of Coals
Petrology of the Sedimentary Rocks - R.L. Folks Classic Text on Sedimentary Rocks
Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks - U of Colorado
Sequence Stratigraphy - University of Georgia
Shale Research - University of Texas

Sci.geo.petroleum - Q&A Newsgroup for Petroleum Geology

Structural Geology/Tectonics

ABC's of Plate Tectonics - Introduction to Plate Tectonics
Apparent Dip - Explanation of Apparent Dip
Cross Section from Map data - Construct Cross Section from Map Data
Geologic Structures- Folds and Faults -U of Colorado
Geological Structures - Introduction
Plate Tectonics and the Expanding Earth
Strain Determination in Conglomerates
Structural Geology Notebook - Some Notes on Ramps and Flats, Sand Box Modelling, Brittle Faulting etc.
World Data Center for Seismology - Earthquake Information Center by the USGS
World-Wide Earthquake Locator - University of Edinburgh