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Analytical Instruments And Services



American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database - Database
Analysis of Major and Trace Elements
- Description of Methods, Ocean Drilling Project Report, TAMU
Aster Spectral Library - Thermal Emission Spectral Library of > 2000 Minerals
     - Origin of Spectra Lines
Electron Microscopy Laboratory - University of Oregon
Emission Spectra of the Elements - Clickable Periodic Table
Emission and Absorption Spectra - Clickable Periodic Table
How to Build a Scintilation Probe - General Instructions
ICDD - International Center for Diffraction Data
Mineral Spectroscopy Server - Mineral Spectroscopy Data
Mineral Thermobarometry - A How To Guide for Graduate Students
Minerals Under the Microscope - Introduction to the Polarizing Microscope
Microscopy Primer - The Microscope, Various Types, How to Use, Applications
NIST Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data
NIST Spectra Database - Atomic and Molecular Spectra Databases
Polarizing Microscopes - About Polarizing Microscopes
Point Counting - Introduction
Some Background on X-ray Diffraction - Introduction, USGS
Spectroscopy Now - Spectroscopy Information Service by Wiley Publishing
Thermal Emission Spectroscopy Library - ASU Spectral Library of > 150 Rock Forming Minerals
University of Arizona Raman Spectroscopy Database (RRUFF Project)

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Scientific Instruments

Analytical Spectral devices - VIS/IR Spectrometers
Aunet Scientific - Microscopes, Australia based, Student Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, School and University Lab Equipment
Austin AI - XRF Instruments and Components
Bruker AXS - Spectrometers, Germany
Cameca France - Electron Probe Microscopes, the SX50 is used in many geological laboratories around the world
Corelab Intstruments - Core Testing Equipment, USA
Edmund Scientific - Edmund Optics is a leading supplier of optics and optical components to industry for over 60 years.
Electron Microscopy Sciences - Magnifying Aids, Microscope Accessories, Stereoscopes, USA
Eseason Gear - Environment Measuring Instruments
Fisher Scientific - General Science Supplies
Gamma Spectacular - Sound Card Driver for Scintillation Probes
GBC Scientific - Manufacturer of ICP/AAS equipment for the mining industry
GemmoRaman - Manufacturer of a Raman Spectrometer
Humboldt - Geotechnical Equipment and Supplies, USA
Inel - X-ray Diffractometers
International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) - Mineral Powder Diffraction Data on CD and Books
Integrated Spectronics - Manufacturer of PIMA IR Field Spectrometer for Field Identification of Minerals
Jeol - Electron Microscopes and Mass Spectrometers
Jobon Yvan - Manufacturer of Spectroscopy Instruments
Kodak - Digital Camera's and Imaging Products
KX Technology Ltd - UK Manufacturer of XRF and Other X-ray Instruments, UK
Labotherm - Furnaces
Leica - Manufacturer of Microscopes and Accessories
Logitech - Section Making Equipment, UK
Lomo PLC - Manufacturer of Microscopes, Russia
Meiji Techno Microscopes - Manufacturer of Microscopes
Microtec - Automatic Thin Sectioning Equipment
MTI - Laboratory Equipment, USA
National Instruments - Scientific Imaging Hardware
Nikon Microscopes - Manufacturer of Microscopes
Noran Instruments - X-ray Analytical Instruments
Ocean Optics - UV/Vis/IR Spectrometers
Ohaus - Balances and Scales
Olympus Innov X Spectrometers - Handheld and Portable XRF Spectrometers
Olympus Microscopes - Manufacturer of Microscopes
Omega Optical - Optical Filters
Optec - Petrographic Microscopes, China
Oxford Instruments - XRF Instruments, USA
Phillips Analytical Instruments - XRF and XRD Instruments
Pixera - Digital Camera's and Imaging Products
Polaroid - Digital and Instant Camera's and Imaging Products
Prior Scientific - Manufacturer of Microscopes, UK and USA
Radical Instruments - Manufacturer of Microscopes
Rigaku - X-ray Analytical Instruments
Rocklabs - Sample Preparation Equipment
Sietronics - Spectrometers
Skyray Instruments - Spectrometers, China
Spectro Analytical Instruments - XRF, ICP Spectrometers
SPI Supplies - Electron Microscope Laboratory Supplies, Consumables and Accessories
SPI Mineral Standards - Microprobe Mineral Standards, USA
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Scientific Instruments and Supplies
Thor Labs - Optical Equipment and Supplies
TSI- Raman Spectrometers
UVP - UV Lamps
Vinci Technologies - Laboratory and Field Instruments for the Petroleum Industry, France
VWR - Laboratory Supplies, Australia
Weatherford Laboratories - Petroleum Labratory Services, USA
Zeiss - Manufacturer of Microscopes and Accessories

Laboratories Providing Analysis of Geological Materials

Acme Analytical Laboratories - Assaying Laboratory, Canada
ActLabs - Ore Assaying Laboratory, USA
ALS Global - Mineral Testing and Assaying
Analytical and Testing Services (ALS) - Minerals Testing and Assaying
Applied Petrographic Services - Petrographic Services, USA
AusSpec International - Mining and Exploration Industry Applications using Field Spectrometers
Beaurau Veritas - Mineral and Petroleum Testing and Assaying, Australia and New Zealand
Burnham Petrographics - Petrographic Section Preparation, USA
Chemex - Ore Assaying Laboratory, Canada and USA
Chemplex - Assaying Standards and Equipment
Concord Analytical Services - Mineral Testing and Assaying, Canada
GGTL - Gem Testing Services
GeoTrack International - Fission Track Analysis, Minerals and Metals Identification, Australia
Weatherford - Petroleum Analysis Laboratory, Houston, USA
International Gemmological Institute - Gem Appraisal and Testing, USA
LCV - Section Preparation and Petrological Services, South America
Mineral Optics Laboratory - Petrographic Section Preparation, USA
MinTek - Development of Reference Samples and Methods in South Africa
MMI Technology - Mobile Metal Ion Geochemistry
NIST SRM - Assaying Standards
National Petrographic Services - Petrographic Services, Houston, Texas
ORES - Assaying Standards
Quality Thin Sections - Petrographic Section Preparation, USA
SGS - Metallurgical and Analytical Testing Services, Canada and Chile
Spectrum Petrographics - Section Preparation and Petrographic Services, USA
Vancouver Petrographics - Petrographic Supplies and Services, Canada
Westport - Petroleum Industry Services, Houston, USA