Welcome to minserv.net and geologynet.com. Soon, we will have a new, modern design for this website. Minserv and Geologynet were originally created in 1990...lots of information has been added since then. We now have over 2000 links to geology related software, information and products. The original software is still available, having undergone many updates. My flagship product, Winrock contains a great deal of original code developed by myself to classify and analyze a variety of rocktypes.  If you would like to support my software development, you can purchase something on these pages or donate money here on the ordering page.


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Some Past Customers

BHP Billiton
Colorado School of Mines
Council for Geoscience, South Africa
Hong Kong Christian University
Metals Exploration, Philippines
Multion Consulting, Mexico
Radio Hill Mine, WA
United States Geological Survey
University of Montreal
University of Pennsylvania
University of Quebec
University of Western Australia